Ubuntu’s mobile OS is available on Nexus 4

ubuntuforphone 200x90 Ubuntus mobile OS is available on Nexus 4

Ubuntu 13.10 a.k.a Ubuntu’s mobile OS

After a long period of developer (and enthusiast) previews, Ubuntu 13.10 a.k.a Ubuntu’s mobile OS for smartphones, as well as desktops, is finally available as a stable release. The gesture-heavy, Linux and Nexus 4 are both officially supported, so owners of those handsets with the right know-how can head to the company’s site now for instructions to flash the OS. That doesn’t mean we won’t someday see a dedicated Ubuntu device . The company’s still in talks with OEMs.

The Ubuntu Edge didn’t reach its Indiegogo funding goal, meaning it will not come to market. This doesn’t mean that Canonical is ready to give up on Ubuntu Touch OS, though! In fact, Ubuntu Touch is almost ready for release and has announced a launch date – October 17.

Canonical’s amazing phone will probably never see the light of day, but you will be able to flash it into your compatible devices. We doubt we will be able to make it dual-boot (like the Ubuntu Edge was said to), so why exactly would us Android fans ever want to get rid of our favorite mobile OS for Ubuntu Touch OS?

What makes Ubuntu Touch OS awesome?

The Ubuntu Touch OS is pretty much a simplified version of the desktop Ubuntu OS. One fit for the smaller screen. This gives Ubuntu Touch awesome capabilities, but my favorite happens to be dock mode with a monitor.

This bad boy can run full desktop Ubuntu when connected to a monitor (or TV, for that matter). You can carry your desktop computer in your pocket. Just imagine the possibilities!

How can I get Ubuntu Touch OS?

Because the Ubuntu Edge won’t make it to the market, you will have to flash it manually. At least until/if Ubuntu gets a smartphone partner or releases a device.

Ubuntu Touch OS image version 1.0 will be released October 17. You will be able to download it and simply install it then. Of course, you need a supported device. The official list of supported devices upon release is not out, but Canonical has a good list of supported beta devices.

This includes the Nexus 4Galaxy NexusNexus 7 and Nexus 10. Pretty much, if you have a Nexus device you should be set. Maybe they (or other devs) will be able to figure make this compatible with other popular smartphones from Samsung, HTC and company. We will have to wait and see.

Do you want to check out Ubuntu Touch OS?

I have been excited about Ubuntu Touch since I first heard of it. The promise of a device that really blends the line between mobile and desktop computing really amazes me. One thing is for certain, though. I am not willing to give Android up. At least not for Ubuntu Touch OS.

We are not sure how many of you would like to check it out, though. We are sure flashing Ubuntu Touch OS will void your warranty, so we can’t see too many users signing up. What do you think? Will Canon;ical’s mobile OS take off? Do you want to test it?

Install on Nexus 4:
Install on other Nexus devices:
 Ubuntus mobile OS is available on Nexus 4
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