Telegram app for windows phone 8 is Whatsapp rival?

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wpid Telegram Telegram app for windows phone 8 is Whatsapp rival?

Features & Use

Telegram app works very similarly to many other messengers. After starting the telegram app, you must first verify your mobile number. You will then receive a code via SMS. This is either automatically confirmed or you must enter it by hand. Then you’ll instantly be able to see which other contacts in your phone book have already installed the app via the Telegram app contact list.

Telegram has just announced that they will be releasing a Windows Phone 8 telegram app in January of 2014. Telegram, which already has apps on the Android and iOS platforms, is set to become a competitor to the popular WhatsApp service.

Telegram app, for those that didn’t know, is like SMS but much more powerful, as the developers put it. You can send messages, photos, and videos to your phone contacts. You can also create groups for up to 100 people.

“Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram app is cloud-based, decentralized and heavily encrypted. As a result, you can access your messages from several devices and store an unlimited number of photos and videos in the cloud. Thanks to decentralization and encryption, Telegram app is also faster and way more secure. On top of that, Telegram app is free and will stay free – no ads, no subscription fees, forever,” Telegram stated on their website.

Looks like the Windows Phone platform will have yet another new app to add to the growing platform! You can head over to the Telegram app website to check out their service and stay tuned for the Windows Phone 8 app!

 Screen & Controls

Telegram app is easy and intuitive to use. The messenger app boasts a clean and clear interface. In the settings, there are not quite as many options as, for example, in WhatsApp, though the smart Messenger is definitely functional. The encryption of chats is set up quickly using the specific contact’s profile page. In addition, backgrounds and sounds provide some nice ways to personalize the app.

Speed & Stability

Telegram app ran with very stable and reliable performance and the messages were delivered without delay. The messenger stood up to its claim to be one of the fastest messenger apps available. Even with the self-destruction mode enabled all chats worked flawlessly.

Price/Performance Ratio

Telegram app is free to download. The app contains no advertising or additional premium content. There are also versions of the Messenger available for iOS.

Telegram app VS Whatsapp

 Telegram app for windows phone 8 is Whatsapp rival?
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